Which area do you travel to?

Most of the business is in Maindenhead within a 25 mile radius.
However, we can negotiate to travel anywhere as it is a mobile company.

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What is bowl food?

Bowl food is our most popular choice as it is modern, casual and suits all age groups.  Bowl food is a unique food service style that comprises of delicious main dishes easily eaten with forks & served in china bowls. Grazing bowl food is served by our waiting staff that circulates amongst your guests – buffet stations are a thing of the past.


Can we organise a bar and staff?

Yes we can.  We can arrange a variety of different bars, some modern and trendy glass cube, for example, or a more traditional set up along with qualified staff with smiles.  We can also add marquees, garden furniture to suit your needs if required.


Can I have your recipe?

Yes, we can email recipes and information regarding our dishes.